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As a group, we just went through a lot of presentations and the idea came up to have a repository of them available so we could all go back to them and review. We are a fairly spontaneous group and many weeks we will go around the room and discuss current progress and latest findings. Now that we've set this up, we'll probably end up doing that for a while.

Past Talks:

Future Talks:
  • Oct-11-2022: Ashok's Thesis Dissertation on Black Holes
  • Oct-18-2022: BREAK
  • Oct-24-2022: Will to do a literature review of the EnFormer paper
  • Nov-01-2022: Will literature review part 2
  • Nov-08-2022: BREAK - Traveling
  • Nov-15-2022: Will's qual exam practice
  • Nov-22-2022: THANKSGIVING
  • Nov-29-2022: BREAK - Traveling
  • Dec-06-2022: Ashok's Thesis Dissertation part 2
  • Dec-13-2022: Chuanyi present draft outline
  • Dec-21-2022: XMAS BREAK
  • Dec-27-2022: XMAS BREAK